Savasana Variations

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Savasana Variations

Savasana Variations

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This poster exclusively focuses on a single pose and its variations: Savasana, also known as Corpse Pose is an art form of surrender and rejuvenation.

Explore these twelve variations of Savasana:

  1. Utilize the large wooden horse to suspend in Savasana, supported by ropes, offering a floating sensation.
  2. Elevate only the feet using ropes, providing relief and support to the lumbar region.
  3. Place weights on the thighs to deepen the grounding sensation and encourage relaxation.
  4. Lie on blocks, supporting specific body parts, allowing other areas to release tension without touching the ground.
  5. Experience the traditional Corpse Pose lying flat on the ground, allowing complete surrender.
  6. Support the back with cushions and cover the eyes to facilitate Pranayama practice and ease breathing.
  7. Raise the legs (calves) on a chair to relieve and relax the lower back.
  8. Place a cushion lengthwise under the back to open the chest and another cushion horizontally under the knees to relieve the lower back.
  9. Fold a blanket lengthwise under the back and place an additional blanket under the head and neck to gently open the chest.
  10. Prone Savasana: Lie face down to breathe into the posterior lungs, recommended post-COVID-19 to facilitate breathing.
  11. Add weights to the thighs and shoulders to deepen relaxation and release further tension.
  12. Use a rope around the back of the head to suspend the head above the ground, elongating the neck.

All my illustrations are handmade with love to bring joy and inspire your yoga practice. Colors may vary slightly depending on your screen settings.

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